What are my priorities in life?


I’m a big fan of a gadget. Think 007, gadgets should be specifically useful to their owners. The best thing is, that people have started to cotton on to this too, and they buy me other gadgets. This Christmas, I got a torch with extendable magnetic parts on either side. Great for grabbing things and helping me fix my bike on cold, dark nights.

It’s not just physical gadgets either. Little things that help me work effectively fill me with joy too. I would also call the millions of I’ve apps I have for creating content, gadgets too. One of my favourites is Streak for Gmail. You get a programme that tracks your emails, keeps all your emails to a client in one place, and allows you to send patented bulk emails to a whole set of people. Very easy to use and has a freemium service. I’m in heaven.

A best friend

I have to say that having a best friend is a piece of joy I couldn’t live without. Never had too much luck with friends, to be honest. Being the odd one out of groups is much more of a familiar experience to me. Between being outside of my school catchment area to being one of the poorest kids there (which is less of a problem if you’re not smart by the way), friendships have always been difficult for me to maintain.

Yet I have to say that despite the fact that we don’t see each other often, she’s still one of my favourite people. Especially when you work for yourself, you have to be comfortable with being on your own. Even if like me you have a shared working space – working quietly and resolutely on your own is an important part of being a freelancer. So having any person that knows you well to have a chat with generally, makes life a little sweeter.


I take my work seriously. It’s a huge part of my life and one of the reasons it’s so important is because I chose it. It’s taken a long time since graduating to find something I love to do. So it is important to me to be able to do it well.

The one thing that’s been especially necessary for me, has been taking a step back. Realising that as much as I would like to work all the time because I enjoy it. I need to take breaks and do other things. Having been diagnosed with an illness that is a direct result of me sitting and working all the time, I was definitely delivered an imperative to change my ways!

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