How do I R-E-L-A-X?

Relaxation is key to being a freelancer. It’s very possible for you to end up in a perpetual state of alertness. If you’re one of those people still waking up in a sweat at 2 am wondering if you’ve sent that email reminder, then this is for you. I actually come from a family ofContinue reading “How do I R-E-L-A-X?”

What are my priorities in life?

Gadgets I’m a big fan of a gadget. Think 007, gadgets should be specifically useful to their owners. The best thing is, that people have started to cotton on to this too, and they buy me other gadgets. This Christmas, I got a torch with extendable magnetic parts on either side. Great for grabbing thingsContinue reading “What are my priorities in life?”

What’s on my lockdown desk?

I’m a relatively new to the freelancing world but I’m definitely enjoying it. Being my own boss has been incredibly freeing. I’ve always been a bit of a Jack (or in this case Jane) of all trades, so it makes sense that having more control and freedom over my work is gratifying. As a classicContinue reading “What’s on my lockdown desk?”