How do I R-E-L-A-X?

Relaxation is key to being a freelancer. It’s very possible for you to end up in a perpetual state of alertness. If you’re one of those people still waking up in a sweat at 2 am wondering if you’ve sent that email reminder, then this is for you. I actually come from a family ofContinue reading “How do I R-E-L-A-X?”

Lockdown Goals: What I’m hoping to achieve in the 2021 lockdown

Have you been bread-making? Are you painting watercolour masterpieces? Were you the reason for the sold out fitness equipment in April 2020? Yep. Me too. For the most part, all of these types of things have been great for keeping us all moving. I have to say I’ve built shelves and I’ve been landscaping theContinue reading “Lockdown Goals: What I’m hoping to achieve in the 2021 lockdown”

The 6 things I’ve learnt about freelance copywriting

I’m relatively new to copywriting. Usually I worked on the sales side so I had to write copy that could get me the sale over the phone. I’m a writer but in most start-ups and SMEs where I’ve spent the vast majority of my career – you have to be multifaceted. So I’ve only beenContinue reading “The 6 things I’ve learnt about freelance copywriting”