Organisation has to be pleasurable 

When I say pleasurable, don’t think I imagine that organisation has to be something you do instead of sex. It just has to be something that you can engage, in such a way that you took forward to using that organisational structure. 

One of my favourite things to connect with pleasure is a to-do list. Whether it’s online or a written to-do list, being able to tick off or cross things off your list is an important part of organisation actually working. 

Organisation is about putting together a method that helps you get things done quickly and is easy to manage. I use Trello to manage my daily, weekly, and monthly projects. It even has Household DIY projects included on it. 

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Long story short, I need to be healthier. I was diagnosed with IIH about 6 months ago. It’s one of the issues of being in a pandemic as an enormous part of our time was spent on sofas across the country. Lots of us gained weight but I was unlucky enough to gain so much weight, so quickly,  that I risked my brain, muscles, and eyesight failing completely. 

This week, I used my organisational structure to my benefit. Not only did I include the time I would be leaving the office, (so I had time to cook). I included the exercise I would be doing. Each day I added the exercise I would do in addition to the work-based tasks I had, and the result was amazing. 

I completed my exercise regimen each day – making my target for the week and I left on time. Each day I got to tick off an activity that was a dream. And being able to do so in the evening when I was getting ready for bed, helped me sleep because I felt like I had really achieved something. 

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