My daily planner: A copywriters’ day


I always check my Trello. Trello is genuinely the only way I can keep track of home and work-based tasks. Since the lockdown I’ve become quite fond of DIY, so I like putting up shelves and finding little space-savers on Ebay that can make life more efficient.

In the morning, over a cup of tea, I set or have a look at the tasks I’ve set for the day. I open the reference sites I’m going to need and any other apps. I then split them between desktops and move to whichever task is most urgent. Paid work always comes first. I love to volunteer but paying bills has to come to first.


Exercise time! Well it’s often something active. It might be grocery shopping, some back breaking yoga or even up-cycling DIY. Now I’m not one of those people who feels peace and tranquility with yoga and I am not particularly bendy. I honestly do it because it’s good for me, not because I like it. Personally, doing something you hate because it’s good for you is a great sign of discipline and as much as I hate it when I’m doing it, the rewards are great.

I love DIY though. It’s only since the lockdown that I’ve found this all-consuming passion for it. I’ve honestly never felt so much pride in my life. It’s almost like a puzzle that needs to be solved, which I have to say is why I like it. As a believer in climate change and responsibility for local environments, I think it’s important to up-cycle. During the restrictions, huge amounts of people have seen this as an opportunity for spring cleaning. You name it and I’ve found it – dining room tables, mirrors, beds, cupboards…Some needed a clean, others I’ve re-upholstered, painted or made into floating shelves. It’s just really satisfying to see how it all comes together.

I do this things in increments though. I prepare spaces and take a couple of hours out and then back to work. If I was stuck on a piece of work here though, this is where the creative juices start flowing. Get active, to get writing.


Usually this is when I get started on some admin. It usually means making sure I’ve written down anything that needs to be passed on to the client to track my progress. I make sure my accounts are in order and I check on any outstanding orders or invoices.

I create educational resources and tutor in the afternoons because it’s usually when I feel most enthusiastic about learning. I’m a life-long learner myself so my Pinterest is devoted to learning new skills as well as my joining courses on Hubspot Academy & Coursera. Some I take for fun and others I take to learn some more professional skills.


I usually work long into the evenings. I shouldn’t but then I actually enjoy work. I try to get in some time for Sketchaday, which is community app for budding artists. It’s often the time when I start writing emails specifically so they go out in the mornings. I might not be fully awake but I’m definitely awake enough in the evenings.

Bed before midnight if I’m lucky!

Published by Lola Small

Postgraduate Londoner. Podcaster & Writer. Life is always political.

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